01 May 2008

Princess Panties

"Daddy," said Trinhity yesterday morning when I was in the closet getting dressed for work, "take off your panties and give them to me. I'm going to draw princesses on them and make them pretty."

I didn't take off my "panties" as directed; I adroitly changed the subject and finished getting dressed. You see, up until that point, I hadn't been aware that I was wearing "panties", nor that they needed princesses.

"Mommy," Trinh said today, "your panties are ugly." Mama stifled a chuckle and replied, "Really, dear? Why?"

"Because they don't have any princesses on them," came the answer.

Mama pushed it a step farther: "But what about Daddy's? Are his panties ugly, too?"

"No. His are pretty because I drew princesses on them."

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