28 June 2008

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Blue hat.
Yellow shirt.
Floral Shorts.
Red Socks.

Props to Sandra Boynton, one of our favorite baby book authors! For those of you who would not be currently reading Boynton, Blue Hat, Green Hat is a story about a fashion-challenged turkey. We read it a lot in this house. At 3 years old, Trinhity is currently starting to stretch her fashion sense. Blue is her favorite color. It goes with everything. And socks usually need to be red... or black... or both. But she will wear pink or white if that is all she can find.

We may be biased, but she can make anything look beautiful...

23 June 2008

Late Night Negotiations

Last night Trinhity downed her usual milk and juice during our bedtime ritual, then a second juice.  She actually put herself to sleep (a staggering recent development), and I snuck downstairs to spend time with the Mama-san and do some work.  I came back in around 1 AM and tried to talk her into going to the bathroom.  She insisted that she didn't have to go.

I've heard that refrain before, and my trust in Huggies Overnights is equivocal at best.  But some battles don't need to be fought immediately, so I asked her again at 2:32 AM (looked at the clock) when she kicked me in the head and woke me up.  This time I talked her into at least trying ... mission accomplished, then back to sleep.

This morning I asked again if she needed to go.  She gave me a severe look, cocked her head to the side and said, "No, Daddy.  I already went.  Don't you remember?  You made me go pee-pee in the middle of the night!  Don't ever do that again, OK?"

18 June 2008

Thank You Ba Vang!

My Great Great Aunt Vang made me this very cool quilt! It's got hot air balloons, angels, teddy bears, and my name & picture!! How very sweet is this?? Taison got one too!

These quilts are very special. Thank you Ba Vang for all the love & labor you put into these! We adore them!

16 June 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

Trinhity turned three years old on June 5th. We haven't had her official birthday party yet. Her Ông Bà were on a cruise and didn't get home until mid June. The parentals had talked about throwing a birthday bash for her but in the end, we humbuggered again and talked her into a family weekend (or week) at a beach house. She was thrilled with going to the beach so whoo-hoo!

On the morning of her birthday, princess got birthday cupcakes for breakfast. These are Mama's special homemade from scratch wheat-free carrot & pineapple cupcakes.

We went to our neighbors house and had another little mini-birthday party for princess with her girlfriends. Mama forgot to bring her camera but will try to snag the pictures from our friends. This time, the girls had wheat-free chocolate cupcakes.

When we got home, there was a huge box on our door. Trinh was thrilled and yelled, "UPS man! UPS man!" In our house, the UPS man is synonymous with Santa. He comes bearing gifts. She's thrilled when she sees the brown truck. Actually, any box that is left on our doorstep regardless of the carrier, is from the UPS man. Anyway, the UPS man left Trinh a big box. Inside the box, was cool bubble wrap as well as a chest FULL of princess dress up clothes!!! Ooohhh... aaaahhh. She stripped and tried them on!! Thanks Di Trang for the fabulous gift!!

Mama has taken the two little ones with her to the grocery store twice now. It is quite an adventure since Trinh wants to sit WITH her brother which means the carseat with Tai & Trinh are inside the shopping cart which leaves no room for food. The food goes in a small hand carried basket under the shopping cart. Oh well. June 5th was the first time Mama went to the store alone with the kiddos. We were out of milk & juice. Mama thought she could handle two kids and milk & juice. Mama felt pretty accomplished. So when Trinh saw the cupcake doll as we passed the bakery... well, Mama bought it for her.... not so much because Trinh asked for it, but just because princess liked it. Trinh never really asks for anything when we take her to the store. She just keeps an eye out for the free samples and wants to try everything. She does not miss a single one. She gives us her commentary on the food and tells us whether or not it is yummy. It's actually funny.

So the cupcake doll.... these hideous plastic dolls on a huge dollop of frosting. It looked pretty gross. But blue is Trinh's favorite color. And Mama had a hunch that Trinh wouldn't eat the cupcake, just play with the frosting and the doll. Mama was right. It was amusing...

So princess turned three on June 5th and got to eat three birthday cupcakes.... yum!

15 June 2008

Age Three: Natation

Many of you know that Trinhity is a water baby.

You might also know that she just turned three.

What you might not realize is that she's swimming now.
All on her own.

12 June 2008


We are FINALLY caught up on the backlog from the last few months. OK, perhaps we have not done any posts for June actually, but the month is not over yet. BTW, Princess turned three on June 5th. Can you believe she is 3?!?!?

Little Birdie.... Yum Yum

Trinhity loves her BàBà's cooking. She has told Mama on many occasions that what Mama cooks is yucky and that BàBà's cooking is yummy. Good. She also thinks that her BàBà can cook anything. One time, we saw a prehistoric looking armadillo like thing at the museum and she told us that she was going to take it home so that BàBà can cook it for her to eat. She also tries to catch little squirrels, lizards, and birds in the yard with her butterfly net of course... so that she can take it to BàBà's house so that BàBà can cook them for her.

Guess what new thing BàBà has been feeding our little Trinhity?

Roasted quail.

BàBà didn't actually cook this. It came from the Asian Deli, but Trinh doesn't care, she thinks BàBà cooked it for her anyway.

When she picked up the quail, she wanted to know what it was. Mama told her it was a little birdie. So of course, she starts playing with it... making it move and examining the limbs. She pointed to a leg and asked what that was. Mama told her it was the little birdie's leg. So Princess then proceeds to yank the leg off and eat it... while saying, "Poor little birdie, it doesn't have a leg. It can't walk." This scene is then repeated for the other leg as well as both wings. "Poor little birdie, it doesn't have a wing. It can't fly." Hysterical!

She has done this every time she is given quail to eat. We've given her quail a lot lately. It amuses us.

11 June 2008

Innocent Until Proven Guilty...

"what?!?! what's wrong? we didn't do it"

We don't know what they did... but they sure do look guilty. We suspect that as parents will be seeing a lot of this in the future... blank stares ... guilty... but innocent...

The Basket

What does one do with a sweet little flower girl basket after the wedding? Put rocks in it of course!
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We saw lots of elk when we were in Colorado. The photos below were taken at 7AM from the deck of our rental home.

Uncle Scott brought us elk steaks to eat. Trinhity was pretty upset when she found out that she was eating the same animal that she was stalking in the mornings. She wanted to know how we got the elk meat. Her eyes welled up as comprehension set in when Mama explained to her that Uncle Scott goes hunting. But instead of crying, she said "No! We shouldn't shoot the animals!" and then proceeded to tell Uncle Scott that he should use a net. Uncle Scott chuckled and said that they would be very hard to catch with a net. Trinhity very confidently told him that you just need to say, "Come, Elk! Come!" And the elk will come and you put the net over them and then you don't have to shoot them. Duh!

Hiking with Daddy

Daddy misses the mountains & the rivers & weather & Colorado in general. It was really good to share all of these things with his princess. Every morning, Trinhity woke up excited and would pounce on Daddy to hurry so that they could go outside to see the animals!

The doggy is Duke. He belongs to the owner of the house. He went with us on most of the hikes and Trinhity in general loved it... as long as she was being carried. She would call to this poor dog -- "Duke... [hoot, hoot -- this is the way she whistles, btw]... come here Duke". When Duke would come running and wagging his tail, Trinhity would scream, "Go home Duke, Go HOME!". Poor Duke.

The Daddy. All smiles. Happy... with his little ones in Colorado.

10 June 2008

Colorado: Genesee Mountain

Daddy rented a house in the Genesee mountains during our stay in Colorado for cousin Jeff's wedding. Daddy & Trinhity got up every morning and hiked about looking for animals. The first morning, they chased a herd of elk around the property. Pretty cool!

Taison is awake for at most 2 hours at a time so it was really nice to have the rental house. Taison had a comfortable place to take his naps, and we had access to gorgeous hiking right on the property. Trinhity woke up every morning excited about all the animals she was going to see.

Trevor & Brittany

This is Trinhity with her cousin Trevor & his girlfriend Brittany. Trinhity didn't really care much for Trevor, but she adored Brittany. She is still asking about Brittany and when she will get to play with her again...

Brittany & Trinhity were partners in crime at the wedding. The wedding cake was sabotaged by little fingers [gasp!]. Our little princess smooshed a chocolate pearl on the wedding cake!! We don't think anyone noticed. We hope no one noticed. But Brittany, Trinhity, & Daddy thought it was hilarious. Sorry Amy. Absolutely delicious cake BTW!

More Wedding Shots...

The flower girl with Mama & Baby Tai

The flower girl with Grandma & Grandpa Clark

Where is the Baby?

This photo was taken just last month. She looks so grown up, doesn't she? She was a baby, and then a toddler, and now a big girl. We sometimes think she is going to skip ahead to 13... any day now.

Princess Reigns

The Princess knows she is The Princess. She just turned 3. We are frightened by this fact. But for now, it amuses us on most days. These photos were taken back in April. The parentals were hosting a dinner party for the God-Pappas and the Grandparents. Trinhity was going to go to Ong & BàBà's house to spend the night as she usually does on the weekends. Before she left, she put on her princess attire and strutted around the house to wish everyone good night.

Pucker Up!

How cute is this? We see this everyday, several times a day. Whenever we ask Trinhity for a kiss, she puckers up... really BIG.... and then plants one on you.


One of our favorite photos of these two!

It's also posted on Taison's blog. In general, we are trying to keep the two blogs separate. They are two wholly separate individuals, they should have separate blogs, right? We'll see how long that lasts! Photos posted Taison's blog are usually not repeated in Trinhity's blog. But every now and then, we'll have to share the gems.

Baby Sling

We have a very natural approach to parenting. We believe in the whole "attachment parenting" theory. Without going into huge detail, some of the fundamental tenets of attachment parenting include extensive preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, sensitivity to and respect for your child's needs, extended nursing, co-sleeping, and baby wearing. It is really neat for us to see how these parenting techniques are being absorbed by Trinhity. She "nurses" her baby dolls. When Taison cries she quickly runs to Mama and tells her that "baby em" (em is a Vietnamese pronoun for a younger sibling) is hungry and needs to nurse. When Mama is walk-rocking or nursing Taison to sleep, Trinhity will sometimes do the same with her baby dolls.

Here is Trinhity carrying one of her baby dolls in a ring-sling. Thanks Deb for such a sweet gift!

Sad Little Princess

Daddy here again. I got played the other day, bad. It was Sunday, so I'd spent pretty much the whole day playing with the munchkins. Princess & I had a great time playing on her new swing set, and we ran inside for a quick snack. I picked up Taison.

Trinhity gave me a wicked pout, then crawled into a corner next to the bookcase, behind the lamp. She whimpered. I asked her what was wrong.

She said, "The Princess is sad. She doesn't have her prince anymore. Her prince is holding Baby Tai."

Daddy melted. Mama laughed. She said, "Boy, you're gettin' played." I said, "Yes, I know. And it's working."

Trinhity gave a little triumphant smile from her perch and shouted, "It's working! It's working!" Then she went back to pouting.

Oh my. She's not even three yet. Ooof.

Taison, with Swing Set

Trinhity is just so eager to have Taison PLAY with her! For now, the kids playing with each other involves lots of parental supervision and support.... as is expected.

Trinhity loves to help Taison on the swing. She always wants to push him. Taison actually thinks the teeter totter is hilarious fun. At every opportunity, she wants to carry her little brother... either in her arms "like a little baby" as she says, on her lap, or even on her shoulders...

Taison grabs everything... and hair is just so much fun to grab! Amazingly enough, his big sister just laughs (while yelling "ow, owie!") when he yanks on her hair. We hopes this means that these two will be good friends as they grow up together. We will work hard to make that happen.

Suburbia, with Swing Set

We finally broke down and bought the kids a swing set for the backyard. Yes, we're a 3-minute walk from the park. But hey, all the neighbors have one -- we were feeling swingerly challenged.

The box said it should take about 6 hours to setup. Before picking a set, we surfed for comments. Some people said it took them 10 hours. Some people said they got so frustrated that they took it all apart and returned it to the store. We were not dissuaded.

It probably took us the full six hours, although at least a third of that is because I had such good help. Trinhity's actually quite good -- she knows the names of more tools than Mama does. This pleases the Daddy.

Two episodes merit mention. At one point, I was struggling to tighten a nut with a crescent wrench. Trinh asked if I needed help. I said, "Yes. I need a 7/16" socket and a 3/8" ratchet. Can you grab that for me?" "Sure, Daddy!"

Get this: she did. She waltzed right over to the tool box, full of 50 sockets (metric and old school) and 3 different ratchets. Somehow, miraculously, she brought me....a 7/16" socket with the 3/8" ratchet, not the 1/2" driver that was sitting right next to it.

I could not have been more stunned. She trotted off like it was no big deal.

But later in the day, long after she should have eaten an afternoon snack (bad Daddy!), she asked, "Daddy, are you finished yet?" I said, "No, dear, not yet."

"Daddy, why aren't you finished yet?" "Well," I replied, "I'm almost done. But I need that hammer over there -- would you get it for me?"

She rolled her eyes. I asked again, not impatient. She trudged over, hauled up the hammer (at least half her weight) and lugged it over to me. When she handed it to me, she said, "Daddy, you make Trinh tired. You make me get this hammer for you. You make me get all those tools for you. Daddy, you make Trinh Trinh tired!"

Awwww. But at least she brought me the hammer....

Sweet & Silly

These were taken back in May in our backyard. Trinhity was playing in the sprinklers while helping Daddy put up her swing set... multi-tasking starts at a young age.

08 June 2008

The Groom

This is cousin Jeff. He's the groom. We sadly didn't get any pictures with him and his beautiful bride Amy. The ceremony started during their bedtimes so both kiddos were tired... and beyond tired by the end of dinner. The parental units were working hard to ensure that no temper tantrums would ensue. We took this shot just before we left. Amy was dancing with her dad. When Trinhity saw the bride dancing with her father she pointed and frantically said, "She's falling in love with that man!!" I think in her world, it was wrong for the bride to be falling in love with someone other than the groom. In the princess stories, the princess goes to the ball, dances with the prince, and then they fall in love & get married. She was just looking out for her cousin Jeff.

Congratulations to Jeff & Amy!

The Flower Girl II

Before the wedding ceremony, Trinhity got ready in the bride's chambers with all of the other big girls. Here she is with her cousin Rachel (who was the flower girl for Mama & Daddy's wedding!!) and pretty little Sara who is her cousin's mother's brother's daughter.... got that??

Here are the flower girls with their Aunt Tina...

The kids did one final practice run down the aisle before the ceremony started. The ring bearer was a cute little guy by the name of Devon. Devon was 3 and had a mohawk. Trinhity has since tried to get her hair to be like Devon's. We're serious.

Here is a shot from the "real" walk down the aisle. It was all over and done with in a matter of seconds. Trinhity tripped on her dress but didn't fall and she was soon sitting in Daddy's lap. We were lucky to be able to catch any of it with our camera... the kids were walking as fast as their little legs could move it seemed.

Princess... with her Prince Daddy...

The Flower Girl

On May 25, 2008 at 6PM in the Copper Fields Chateau in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Jeff Steven Clark married Amy Rosann Martin. Trinhity just so happens to be Jeff's little cousin and hence was honored when asked to be their flower girl. Ok, so perhaps she really didn't have a clue what a "flower girl" was. In actuality, it was the parentals that were honored and excited to have Trinh be a flower girl. We just told her that she would get to wear a princess dress, go to a wedding which was like a "ball", and dance with Daddy. She was thrilled with that idea. She's been reading a lot of Cinderella stories... she's keen on going to balls as long as she gets to marry the Daddy prince.

How sweet is this dress? How perfect that the sash is blue -- her favorite color! Mama made the matching bow and did her hair, painted her nails, and brushed some "sparkles" on her face. The night before we left for Denver, BàBà cut & soldered one of Mama's rhinestone necklaces so that Trinh could have some baby bling! How cute is that??
After the ceremony, Trinhity refused to have her picture taken with the bride & groom. We think the pressure of being a flower girl got to her. She took her duties pretty seriously. So we took her outside and let her run & play... that made her happy.