10 June 2008

Baby Sling

We have a very natural approach to parenting. We believe in the whole "attachment parenting" theory. Without going into huge detail, some of the fundamental tenets of attachment parenting include extensive preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, sensitivity to and respect for your child's needs, extended nursing, co-sleeping, and baby wearing. It is really neat for us to see how these parenting techniques are being absorbed by Trinhity. She "nurses" her baby dolls. When Taison cries she quickly runs to Mama and tells her that "baby em" (em is a Vietnamese pronoun for a younger sibling) is hungry and needs to nurse. When Mama is walk-rocking or nursing Taison to sleep, Trinhity will sometimes do the same with her baby dolls.

Here is Trinhity carrying one of her baby dolls in a ring-sling. Thanks Deb for such a sweet gift!

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