16 June 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

Trinhity turned three years old on June 5th. We haven't had her official birthday party yet. Her Ông Bà were on a cruise and didn't get home until mid June. The parentals had talked about throwing a birthday bash for her but in the end, we humbuggered again and talked her into a family weekend (or week) at a beach house. She was thrilled with going to the beach so whoo-hoo!

On the morning of her birthday, princess got birthday cupcakes for breakfast. These are Mama's special homemade from scratch wheat-free carrot & pineapple cupcakes.

We went to our neighbors house and had another little mini-birthday party for princess with her girlfriends. Mama forgot to bring her camera but will try to snag the pictures from our friends. This time, the girls had wheat-free chocolate cupcakes.

When we got home, there was a huge box on our door. Trinh was thrilled and yelled, "UPS man! UPS man!" In our house, the UPS man is synonymous with Santa. He comes bearing gifts. She's thrilled when she sees the brown truck. Actually, any box that is left on our doorstep regardless of the carrier, is from the UPS man. Anyway, the UPS man left Trinh a big box. Inside the box, was cool bubble wrap as well as a chest FULL of princess dress up clothes!!! Ooohhh... aaaahhh. She stripped and tried them on!! Thanks Di Trang for the fabulous gift!!

Mama has taken the two little ones with her to the grocery store twice now. It is quite an adventure since Trinh wants to sit WITH her brother which means the carseat with Tai & Trinh are inside the shopping cart which leaves no room for food. The food goes in a small hand carried basket under the shopping cart. Oh well. June 5th was the first time Mama went to the store alone with the kiddos. We were out of milk & juice. Mama thought she could handle two kids and milk & juice. Mama felt pretty accomplished. So when Trinh saw the cupcake doll as we passed the bakery... well, Mama bought it for her.... not so much because Trinh asked for it, but just because princess liked it. Trinh never really asks for anything when we take her to the store. She just keeps an eye out for the free samples and wants to try everything. She does not miss a single one. She gives us her commentary on the food and tells us whether or not it is yummy. It's actually funny.

So the cupcake doll.... these hideous plastic dolls on a huge dollop of frosting. It looked pretty gross. But blue is Trinh's favorite color. And Mama had a hunch that Trinh wouldn't eat the cupcake, just play with the frosting and the doll. Mama was right. It was amusing...

So princess turned three on June 5th and got to eat three birthday cupcakes.... yum!

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