06 June 2008

Easter 2008

The parentals arrived late for the Easter Egg Hunt at our church this year. The great hunt was over when we arrived and Trinhity, looking terribly cute and mildly forlorn, wandered the gardens with her empty Easter basket...

There were smatterings of egg parts and smashed jelly beans on the ground that the parentals didn't allow to be picked up and eaten.

Fortunately, some nice folks who shared their loot with our little princess. Some of the girls even "hid" their eggs so that she could "hunt" for them. Princess was happy.

After service (she slept), we went to Ba Thanh's house, Trinhity's great aunt. Mama made sure that Trinhity & her cousin Ashlyn had a special egg hunt in the backyard. Her cousin Jonathan and Taison napped during the egg hunt. Ya snooze, ya lose.

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