11 June 2008


We saw lots of elk when we were in Colorado. The photos below were taken at 7AM from the deck of our rental home.

Uncle Scott brought us elk steaks to eat. Trinhity was pretty upset when she found out that she was eating the same animal that she was stalking in the mornings. She wanted to know how we got the elk meat. Her eyes welled up as comprehension set in when Mama explained to her that Uncle Scott goes hunting. But instead of crying, she said "No! We shouldn't shoot the animals!" and then proceeded to tell Uncle Scott that he should use a net. Uncle Scott chuckled and said that they would be very hard to catch with a net. Trinhity very confidently told him that you just need to say, "Come, Elk! Come!" And the elk will come and you put the net over them and then you don't have to shoot them. Duh!

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