08 June 2008

The Flower Girl II

Before the wedding ceremony, Trinhity got ready in the bride's chambers with all of the other big girls. Here she is with her cousin Rachel (who was the flower girl for Mama & Daddy's wedding!!) and pretty little Sara who is her cousin's mother's brother's daughter.... got that??

Here are the flower girls with their Aunt Tina...

The kids did one final practice run down the aisle before the ceremony started. The ring bearer was a cute little guy by the name of Devon. Devon was 3 and had a mohawk. Trinhity has since tried to get her hair to be like Devon's. We're serious.

Here is a shot from the "real" walk down the aisle. It was all over and done with in a matter of seconds. Trinhity tripped on her dress but didn't fall and she was soon sitting in Daddy's lap. We were lucky to be able to catch any of it with our camera... the kids were walking as fast as their little legs could move it seemed.

Princess... with her Prince Daddy...

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