08 June 2008

The Flower Girl

On May 25, 2008 at 6PM in the Copper Fields Chateau in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Jeff Steven Clark married Amy Rosann Martin. Trinhity just so happens to be Jeff's little cousin and hence was honored when asked to be their flower girl. Ok, so perhaps she really didn't have a clue what a "flower girl" was. In actuality, it was the parentals that were honored and excited to have Trinh be a flower girl. We just told her that she would get to wear a princess dress, go to a wedding which was like a "ball", and dance with Daddy. She was thrilled with that idea. She's been reading a lot of Cinderella stories... she's keen on going to balls as long as she gets to marry the Daddy prince.

How sweet is this dress? How perfect that the sash is blue -- her favorite color! Mama made the matching bow and did her hair, painted her nails, and brushed some "sparkles" on her face. The night before we left for Denver, BàBà cut & soldered one of Mama's rhinestone necklaces so that Trinh could have some baby bling! How cute is that??
After the ceremony, Trinhity refused to have her picture taken with the bride & groom. We think the pressure of being a flower girl got to her. She took her duties pretty seriously. So we took her outside and let her run & play... that made her happy.

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