08 June 2008

The Groom

This is cousin Jeff. He's the groom. We sadly didn't get any pictures with him and his beautiful bride Amy. The ceremony started during their bedtimes so both kiddos were tired... and beyond tired by the end of dinner. The parental units were working hard to ensure that no temper tantrums would ensue. We took this shot just before we left. Amy was dancing with her dad. When Trinhity saw the bride dancing with her father she pointed and frantically said, "She's falling in love with that man!!" I think in her world, it was wrong for the bride to be falling in love with someone other than the groom. In the princess stories, the princess goes to the ball, dances with the prince, and then they fall in love & get married. She was just looking out for her cousin Jeff.

Congratulations to Jeff & Amy!

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