11 June 2008

Hiking with Daddy

Daddy misses the mountains & the rivers & weather & Colorado in general. It was really good to share all of these things with his princess. Every morning, Trinhity woke up excited and would pounce on Daddy to hurry so that they could go outside to see the animals!

The doggy is Duke. He belongs to the owner of the house. He went with us on most of the hikes and Trinhity in general loved it... as long as she was being carried. She would call to this poor dog -- "Duke... [hoot, hoot -- this is the way she whistles, btw]... come here Duke". When Duke would come running and wagging his tail, Trinhity would scream, "Go home Duke, Go HOME!". Poor Duke.

The Daddy. All smiles. Happy... with his little ones in Colorado.

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