06 June 2008

Lesson Unlearned: Kite Flying

We apparently didn't learn much from last year's kite flying escapade. Not only did the parental units allow the child hold the kite string unassisted this time, they also let her run with said kite string.

Fortunately, Trinhity is now a big girl and knows better than to let go of the kite string!

BTW, Brian is wearing Taison in the Moby Wrap for those of you who aren't familiar with this style of baby carrier. It is absolutely wonderful for newborns!

Of course, some poor traumatized kid at the mall apparently thought I was actually pregnant. That was a new experience: to be approached by a strange woman dragging a screaming child, and to be asked, "PLEASE show him the baby? He thinks the baby is in your belly!"

But at least it doesn't accentuate my man boobs. And what if it did?

Yes folks, this here's the American dream: two dents and a double-wide stroller, livin' large smack in the middle of suburbitopia. But screw the goddamn minivan, we're not goin' there.

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