23 June 2008

Late Night Negotiations

Last night Trinhity downed her usual milk and juice during our bedtime ritual, then a second juice.  She actually put herself to sleep (a staggering recent development), and I snuck downstairs to spend time with the Mama-san and do some work.  I came back in around 1 AM and tried to talk her into going to the bathroom.  She insisted that she didn't have to go.

I've heard that refrain before, and my trust in Huggies Overnights is equivocal at best.  But some battles don't need to be fought immediately, so I asked her again at 2:32 AM (looked at the clock) when she kicked me in the head and woke me up.  This time I talked her into at least trying ... mission accomplished, then back to sleep.

This morning I asked again if she needed to go.  She gave me a severe look, cocked her head to the side and said, "No, Daddy.  I already went.  Don't you remember?  You made me go pee-pee in the middle of the night!  Don't ever do that again, OK?"

1 comment:

persephone said...

oh, smack! that girl has some sass! i loooooove!!