12 June 2008

Little Birdie.... Yum Yum

Trinhity loves her BàBà's cooking. She has told Mama on many occasions that what Mama cooks is yucky and that BàBà's cooking is yummy. Good. She also thinks that her BàBà can cook anything. One time, we saw a prehistoric looking armadillo like thing at the museum and she told us that she was going to take it home so that BàBà can cook it for her to eat. She also tries to catch little squirrels, lizards, and birds in the yard with her butterfly net of course... so that she can take it to BàBà's house so that BàBà can cook them for her.

Guess what new thing BàBà has been feeding our little Trinhity?

Roasted quail.

BàBà didn't actually cook this. It came from the Asian Deli, but Trinh doesn't care, she thinks BàBà cooked it for her anyway.

When she picked up the quail, she wanted to know what it was. Mama told her it was a little birdie. So of course, she starts playing with it... making it move and examining the limbs. She pointed to a leg and asked what that was. Mama told her it was the little birdie's leg. So Princess then proceeds to yank the leg off and eat it... while saying, "Poor little birdie, it doesn't have a leg. It can't walk." This scene is then repeated for the other leg as well as both wings. "Poor little birdie, it doesn't have a wing. It can't fly." Hysterical!

She has done this every time she is given quail to eat. We've given her quail a lot lately. It amuses us.

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