08 June 2008

My Baby Brother

Trinhity has weathered a lot of changes the last few months. She eagerly anticipated the birth of her baby brother, but when he arrived... things were not what she expected. First of all, he didn't do anything. Secondly, he took ALL of Mama's time and there was no time during the days to play. We had a few let's just call them "behavior problems" as a result. But now that Taison is 4 months old, almost crawling, and very interactive... Trinhity absolutely adores him. She usually greets him with "Hey litte man! I love you so much! You are so cute!" I suspect that if Taison were not such an easy going person, he would get easily agitated by his sister's affections.

BTW, these photos were taken back in March. Taison is about 2 months old.

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