06 June 2008

Suburban Spring Festival 2008

We've ranted previously about the infamous bi-annual festivals thrown by our subdivision in previous posts. Well, here's still more incontrovertible evidence that fun, of sorts, can be had in a Houston suburb.

The Spring festival happens sometime in March or April, and it features an Easter Egg Hunt. It's positively Hobbesian: nasty, brutish, and short.

Seriously, the kids are just sadistic, and the parents goad them on until, after approximately 39 seconds, an entire expanse of grass has been vacuumed of plastic eggs. Our house *never* gets that clean anymore, and certainly not that fast.

This blessed event imposes a tremendous burden of punctuality on the parents. If you don't get there early enough to appropriately stage your child at a strategic point of entry, brief her on effective scooping techniques and remind her to use her judo throws if necessary -- well, then, you're SOL.

Woe to that poor SOL parent! That was us last year. Not this year...no sireee, wahahaha, this year we made a HAUL. Her basket bulged with eggs of all sizes filled with little dinosaurs, dogs and bugs. We could've scored even more loot, but Trinhity actually took time to shake each egg before committing it to her basket. It was killing me, but she had a logical theory: if the egg didn't make a sound, it was empty and not worth having. Lord knows we don't want empty eggs.

Will wonders never cease? These festivals also feature a petting zoo. Trinhity is getting increasingly brave around animals; we can tell because she doesn't scream in terror *every* time an animal comes towards her.

In fact, given her newfound obsession with poop, she spent most of the time in the petting zoo looking for poop, telling everyone else to look for poop, pointing to the poop, about the poop, and peering at the backsides of all the animals, then squealing with delight when one of them pooped.
Ah, the wonders of being two.

Here's the Princess on her first ever pony ride. She was scared at first, but since daddy was with her, she felt safe -- though he was not allowed to remove his hand away from her back, much less leave her side! Her lips were puckered almost the entire ride -- she was nervous!

Don't tell anyone, but there's a rumour making rounds that Daddy secretly enjoys these bloody festivals. At least, almost as much as Trinh does...

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