10 June 2008

Taison, with Swing Set

Trinhity is just so eager to have Taison PLAY with her! For now, the kids playing with each other involves lots of parental supervision and support.... as is expected.

Trinhity loves to help Taison on the swing. She always wants to push him. Taison actually thinks the teeter totter is hilarious fun. At every opportunity, she wants to carry her little brother... either in her arms "like a little baby" as she says, on her lap, or even on her shoulders...

Taison grabs everything... and hair is just so much fun to grab! Amazingly enough, his big sister just laughs (while yelling "ow, owie!") when he yanks on her hair. We hopes this means that these two will be good friends as they grow up together. We will work hard to make that happen.

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