26 July 2008

All I Have is Me

Trinhity asked me to put on the Little Mermaid soundtrack this morning. I obliged, of course -- hardly a chore. I suppose that knowing all the words to several mermaid songs permanently bars me from membership in any number of fine Texan institutions, but so be it.

One of the orchestral pieces early in the movie is a waltz, and she said, "Daddy, my prince, will you dance with me?" Again, not exactly a hardship. In a decade, I'll be the last person on earth she'll want to dance with -- much less a waltz. Gotta take my spins while I can.

But what she said next just floored me. She looked down at her shorts and t-shirt and said, "Daddy, I don't have a beautiful dress or glass slippers, but I have what's inside me...and it's beautiful too."

Prince Daddy is happy.


mina's mommy said...

That is beautiful! Aw...we miss Trinh!!!

Janine Evans said...

jeez. if you ever have the slightest doubt that you've missed something while raising her, take a look at this post. that's awesome. She *is* beautiful (inside & out)
way to go, you guys.