07 July 2008

Arguing with My Women

Trinhity eats a lot of seaweed. We have some dear Korean friends to thank for the discovery of easily-portable, pre-packaged, pre-cut seaweed sheets -- gim in Korean, similar to the Japanese nori or Welsh laver. They're roasted, brushed with various oils and lightly salted; rolled with rice, they're bite-sized, budget-friendly and yummy.

It pleases us immensely that she so willingly eats a relatively healthy food. But sometimes we worry that she doesn't eat enough variety.

I don't quite remember how the conversation got started, but tonight Trinh & I got talking about food, and I was lecturing about the importance of a balanced diet. If you eat only one kind of food, your body won't be strong. I stressed that it's critical to eat vegetables. So far, so good.

Then I made a fatal error: I implied that she wasn't eating enough vegetables, forgetting momentarily about her seaweed addiction. She said defensively, "But Daddy, seaweed is rau (green vegetable). I eat lots of rau!"

Uh, uh. She had me there, and I was sorta at a loss for words. I stumbled out an agreement, then said, "Did you know that arguing with you is kinda like arguing with your mother?"

She looked up, then broke into a dangerously knowing sideways grin. "Yeeeaaah," she drawled, coyly.

Oh boy.

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persephone said...

my dear Brian. When will you learn? You should not argue with women, no matter their age. You *WILL* lose, if for no other reason than having a Y chromosome. ;-)

Miss you guys, hope to see you next month (I'm planning a visit...)