02 July 2008

Happy Birthday Part II

Here is Trinhity at her second three year old birthday party. Her ông bà came back from their Alaskan cruise so we had the usual little family birthday party. Mama didn't make the cake this year -- she was busy. So we bought her a little ice-cream cake. She was thrilled... licked her name off of the top after she blew out the candles. She didn't care much for the cake, but the adults enjoyed it.
What she was interested in was the presents.... and look at what ông bà got her...
Yup. Princess is now a proud owner of a Harley Davidson Scooter. She LOVES it. We had to convince her to open all of her other presents. She did so reluctantly and then returned to play with the scooter as soon as the onus task of opening presents was completed.

Thanks to Aunt Clara & Uncle Trevor and Grandma & Grandpa Clark for the great books. We can never have enough books in this house! The blue princess dress is from Daddy... he picked it out especially for her. It's from the Pumpkin Patch. Mama doesn't let Daddy go to this store often... he's a sucker for cute princess dresses.

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