12 July 2008


Trinhity & Taison are having lunch together on their little plastic picnic table. She's having seaweed and rice. He's eating chicken...

Alert readers will note that Tai is sitting up by himself. We're very proud.

But let's have a closer look at Tai's chicken. As you might have guessed, we feed our children only the highest quality foods: this an unfenced, free-range bird recently liberated from an ark.

See, the original plan was to give him only white meat, lest we accidentally trigger an as-yet-undiagnosed allergic reaction. Trinhity has a wheat allergy so we are being very careful with Taison. But you can guess what happened to that giraffe...

And yes, we let our children eat with their hands, talk with their mouths full, use knives (indeed, eat from knives) and put their elbows and feet on the table. It's all supposed to help build their character & self-esteem. Good Parenting 101.

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