28 July 2008

Mama, I fell in!!

We've been potty training, but today saw a traumatic new development: Trinh fell into the toilet!

As you can imagine, the Mama had a terrible time stifling a chuckle. Trinh has been adamant that she can do this all by herself, and she occasionally goes without announcing it to the entire world. Today Huong was in the laundry room when she heard, "Mama! Trinh té rồi! Trinh ướt hết rồi!"

Rough translation: "Mama, I've fallen! I'm completely soaking wet!"

She even got her shirt wet -- and she usually pulls her shirt up to her armpits to remove any chance that it might get wet. Poor thing, she must've hit bottom....with her bottom.

Supposing this blog lives on in some format, she's going to disown us in about 10 years. <sigh> If only she could tell how much we love these precious little episodes.

1 comment:

persephone said...

i'm totally disappointed there was no picture! hehe, poor thing, i hope that doesn't dissuade her from using the toilet!