13 July 2008

Ps & Qs

Having mastered the alphabet verbally (with the occasional exception of "TUV"), Trinhity has moved onto writing her letters.  She's got "T" and "H" and "A" down, along with the simple "I" and "O".  She solo'd an "N" a few days ago, and she flashed a lovely "F" today -- hopefully on the way to an "R" so she can spell her name.

All four of us returned to an old haunt this morning for breakfast, La Madeleine.  Trinhity insisted on bringing her markers and paper, and she drew a fairly realistic if Picasso-esque bunny, a surrealistic lion, and lots of footprints.  Then she got working on her letters again, and she tried a "Q".  The tail was a bit too long.

"Mommy," she said, "every time I draw a "Q" it looks like a balloon.  Can you help me??"

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