28 August 2008


As an infant, our princess HATED to be swaddled. Taison is the same way. The books all say that swaddling is soothing for newborns. Apparently, our children were reading different books. Now at the age of three, Trinhity likes to be swaddled. Here is she napping on the deck of our beach house rental. It's August and hot... but princess is all bundled up for her nap.

There is really nothing sweeter in this world than a sleeping child... except perhaps a child who is sleeping through the night!

Her Infamous Faces

From the very beginning, she has always had an "expressive" face. She has many looks and some of them defy words... some of them are just plain funny... others make us fear for the teenage years.

17 August 2008

Beach Bums

We just got back from a week at the beach. More pix to come, but this might just be one of my favorites ever...

08 August 2008

Big Girl, Big Bows

Trinhity *finally* has enough hair for BOWS! OK, so perhaps some of the bows are a bit over the top for our little princess... but her head (and hair) will eventually grow.

Belgian Chocolates

Mama has been severely hormonal & sleep deprived. This not a good combination. How do we keep Mama sane? CHOCOLATE. Lots of chocolate. Belgian chocolates preferably. Mama says that chocolate is her therapy... so Daddy is keeping Mama properly "medicated". It's in his best interest. Part of Daddy's implementation is in Europe and so trips to Belgium come up and well, Daddy stocks up...

Mama is at least nice enough to share her chocolates with Trinh. Daddy has to beg. But Princess gets Belgian chocolates. How old were you when you had Belgian chocolates for the first time? Probably not 3. She is spoiled.

[gasp] Belgian chocolates!!!



During one of our walks home from our local Starbucks, Trinhity found this:

We are not sure how she found such a tiny treasure in the shrubs, but we were all thrilled. Daddy broke off the limb and carried Trinhity's chrysalis home to watch the monarch emerge.

We did some surfing online to try to figure out how old our chrysalis was as well as to get general information about the monarch butterfly.

Here is our new friend. Trinhity was happy to know that it was a girl butterfly.


Trinhity has been spending hours upon hours coloring and drawing these days. The other day, she said (in Vientamese, of course), "Mama, look at Trinh's flower". Mama went to see... and lo and behold... ... there was this beautiful flower...

She drew this all by herself. We have not been working on drawing flowers. When asked how she learned to draw a flower, she just smiled and replied she just knows how.

Her latest flowers are in flower pots and sometimes will have chrysalis or butterflies or both on them. And you know what? They look like flowerpots, chrysalis, & butterflies! Amazing!

How I Adore Him

Trinhity absolutely ADORES her little brother. Sure, she still wants a little sister instead since girls are way cooler than boys... but she's keeping Tai. She hugs & kisses him ALL day and is genuinely excited to see him when they have been separated. It's sweet.

i love u

We introduced sign language to Trinhity when she was about 9months old and she started picking up baby signs around 11months. We loved being able to communicate to our little one at such a young age and so now with the arrival of Taison, we are again, brushing up on our sign language. Now that Trinhity is older, we are teaching her more advanced signs as well as some ASL. She can sign part of the alphabet as well as a few choice words. It actually takes quite a bit of dexterity as well concentration to get little fingers to make such complex movements. Our favorite sign?

i love you!

More Pool Shots

We have spent the ENTIRE summer at the pool. We have not gone more than 2-3days without hitting the pool this year. Trinhity will be sad when the neighborhood pool closes for the fall session which is just around the corner. But there will be something for her to look forward to next summer. Maybe next year, she will be brave enough to jump off the diving board.

"Rambo" comes to mind when we look at this picture. During her pregnancy, Mama said that our little Rambosita was "fierce". Me thinks she is right. Me also thinks she gets this from the Mama.

07 August 2008

Hey! Put on a shirt!

Trinhity's favorite movie of late has been the animated version of Sinbad, the Sailor. It features the vocal talents of Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others, and I freely admit to enjoying it myself. There are a few lines that crack me up every time I watch it.

One of them is when their ship suddenly becomes ice-bound, and a shivering Sinbad nearly collides with his shirtless and extremely ripped First Mate. His line was repeated to me by my precious, percocious daughter tonight just as she stepped out of the bath: "Whoa, man, put on a shirt! You're gonna poke someone's eye out!"

I had to hide in the closet so she wouldn't see me laughing. And cringing.