17 September 2008

Sobering Retrospective: Galveston

Back in mid-August we posted some pictures (here, here, here, and here) of our most recent beach vacation to Galveston. It's a bit sobering to look back on these photos now, after Ike has wreaked so much destruction on the island.

We actually didn't stay on Galveston Island itself on our last trip; we stayed in Hunt's Treasure, a VRBO rental in the Treasure Island subdivision on Follett's Island, just across San Luis Pass from the southern tip of Galveston Island. This area was also very heavily hit by Ike.

We've heard from the owners -- their house survived, although their garage was washed away. But as this aerial photo shows, some of the surrounding houses didn't fare well:

Here's the source page for that photo, it's interesting: Post-Ike NOAA Image Index.

Enlarge the photo above, then scroll to the area almost in the very center, just below where the houses end. Now take a look at this picture of Trinhity...

The house behind her is still there, but barely. Where she's standing is now completely submerged. For contrast, here's a Google Map of what it looked like before Ike:

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Here's another one -- same area, different house in the background:

That's the house on the squared-off tip, and it looks like its seawall was breached. Can't be good.

Hard to tell from this shot, but there's a wooden dune walk-over behind Trinh. There's no trace of it whatsoever in the aerial photo above, and the dune itself seems to be gone.
These beach rentals in Galveston have been our vacation retreats for the last few years. In fact, we seriously considered buying one earlier this year -- thank goodness we didn't. But we do have fond memories of those trips....

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