29 September 2008

Thank You for the LadyBug

Trinhity has had a subscription to BabyBug Magazine for some time now. BabyBug is great -- it's the magazine equivalent of a boardbook and is targeted to children 0-2yrs. She loves it. We used to check them out at the library and she loved them so much that we got her a subscription.

Well, shortly after her 3rd birthday, she started receiving LadyBug Magazine. This is the next level up, and she loves it as well.

Problem is...we don't know who gave her the subscription! We suspect that the perpetrators might be among the regular readers of this blog. Was it you?

Fess up, now! We'd like to say thanks. But should you wish to remain anonymous, then enjoy the warm, happy feeling of sincere gratitude....uh, expressed to you in a very public and entirely impersonal way.

But hey, it could be worse. When we feel a warm, happy feeling these days, it's usually because a diaper leaked...

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