20 October 2008

A Fix For All That Ails Ya

Daddy had a rotten day a week or two back, can't even remember why now. But in an only slightly-Mommy-instigated effort to un-grumpy the Daddy Monster, Trinh whipped up "Daddy's Favorite" lunch: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I admit to enjoying the odd PB&J 'wich, but I can say without qualm that this was easily the best one I've ever had. EVER.

But the sandwich wasn't the best part of this gift. No, that would be the 'gift card' she wrote for me. It's hard to see in those shots -- let's take a closer look...

Ah, yes. As she explained, "That's Trinh Trinh (on the right) and Tai Tai (on the left), and there's a heart for "I love you". And Tai Tai doesn't really have that much hair, but I just went (universal sign for 'scribble, scribble, scribble')."

That there's a fix for all that ails me.

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