16 October 2008

Why Daddy Likes Fishing

Trinhity's still on her Happy Feet kick, still pretending to be a penguin. In fact, she *will* be a penguin for Halloween -- stay tuned for those pix, they'll rock.

Today at breakfast, completely out of the blue, she asked me, "Daddy, do you like to go fishing for trout?" I hadn't been aware that she knew the word "trout" as a distinct sub-species of fish.

You might have expected otherwise given my life-long obsession with fly fishing, but I've actually been hyper-sensitive about over-playing my hand. I would dearly love for the kids to fish, but I'm trying hard not to foist my passions onto them unbidden.

So I forced down the rising flood of excitement at my daughter voicing the word "trout" and said casually, "Yes, dear, I do."

"I know why you like fishing, Daddy! It's because you're a penguin like me! You're the Daddy penguin and I'm your little cưng cưng ("beloved child", more or less) penguin. And penguins eat fish! Penguins eat fish without cooking them....like sushi!"

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