02 December 2008


That is the number of library books that we currently have checked out. There was a time when Trinhity would ask us to read the same book over & over again. No more. Now, she asks for a "new" book. She usually asks for a "new" book several times a day. We've found that having 15-20 library books will get us through a week. How cool is that?

What's bizarre is that the Mama, while checking out the week's supply of stories, has heard on more than one occasion, a parent scolding a child for asking to check out too many library books. Too many appears to be roughly 5. Now why in the world would you discourage your child from reading??

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Janine Evans said...

5 is too many?! Oh, that's a sad one. We only have 10 currently, but that's mostly because this mama is overwhelmed at the choices and has general decision-making issues.