31 December 2008

Big Gurl Talk

For some reason, Trinhity seemed full of one-liners today. I was feeding Tài Tài some lunch, and he gave the 'access denied' treatment to the sweet potato twice, then started fussing. I said, "So does that mean you're finished, Little Dude?" He fussed louder and clapped his hands, his sign for 'pick me up now, if you know what's good for you.'

Without looking up from her painting, Trinh said, "Daddy, I think that means "Yes."

Later, Huong asked her something. Trinh replied, "Well, Mommy, let me put it like this..."

Finally, she was making a band-aid for her dinosaur's tail out of masking tape because...well, because Daddy bit it, that's why. Don't ask. Then she started strapping her knee with masking tape, too. I asked why. She said, "I know it's not a real band-aid. I do this just to embarrass you."

One more from last Friday when Di Trang and John were here. Trinh & I had watched Kung Fu Panda a couple times; there's a funny scene in there where Poh (the panda) starts to wig out, and Shifu (the master) says "Focus...Focus...FOCUS!"

I used that on her once or twice at times when she was distracted. I explained that "focus" means "concentrate", and it means, "I need your attention...NOW." She made the connection, and it was working beautifully.

So there I was, chatting along with Di Trang while Trinh was nearby setting up an imaginary game with some of her toys. Trinh had apparently said something to me that I'd missed. She walked over, stood in front of me, took my face in both hands, and said, "Daddy...focus, Daddy...focus. I need your attention. Thank you."


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Janine Evans said...

hilarious. love it.