02 December 2008

La Petite Penguin

Here you can see our little Happy Feet in all her penguin glory. We wish you could see her dance her Happy Feet stomping dance in this costume, it's just way too precious. Perhaps we'll have the video edited and posted sometime before she hits kindergarten, but don't hold your breath.

Mama made her a little penguin beanie and beak as well but Trinh decided that she didn't want to wear them.

This year, Mama went trick-or-treating with the princess; Daddy stayed home with the Little Dude. Unlike Trinhity, Taison keeps a schedule and is usually asleep by 7PM. No Halloween for Little Dude this year.

Trick-or-treating was not as eventful this year as it was last year since Trinhity's little neighborhood friends did not get home until later in the evening. Trinh was a bit heartbroken and kept stopping by their house. She adores her friends but has a tough time understanding that since the girls are older (6 & 8) they may have other friends and interests. She has always played well with older children and has not really bonded to any children her age. It will be interesting to see how her friendships develop as she goes through preschool.

On a side note, we've been trying to steer her away from her Happy Feet obsession. Why? Well, some aspect of the movie aren't exactly age appropriate, even if we really enjoy them. It is a bit disconcerting to hear your 3 year old belt out:
"Uh, Uh, Baby it don't work. You say your prayers but you don't care...."

"Can anybody...find me...somebody to...LOVE..."

"You don't have to be BEAUTIFUL.... OWWW... "

"WEEELLLLL, since my baby left me...."

Umm, yeah. Earth, Wind & Fire; Prince; Queen; P!nk; and Elvis. Great stuff. Not exactly geared for toddlers, though.

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