08 January 2009

Misfits for the Letter Bucket

On Tuesday this week Trinhity got to take the "Letter Bucket" home from school. The idea is to fill the bucket with common objects that start with The Letter of the Week, then bring the bucket back on Thursday for a show-and-tell session.

This week's letter was "M". She peppered us with questions about all her favorite toys: "Daddy, does "penguin" start with 'M'? How about Gloria?" She knows better, so it was actually sorta funny.

Unfortunately, it's Friday now and I still haven't been able to stop thinking of "M" words and considering them as ideas for her Letter Bucket. It's almost a stream-of-consciousness flow, and it's mildly embarassing. I wish it would stop.

I haven't admitted this affliction to the Mama-san. You see, most of my ideas are, after a moment's reflection, heroically bad. If I gave voice to the flow, it would probably sound like I was seriously suggesting them. That would surely earn me one of those 'you're such a silly boy' looks, so Mum's the word.

I'm going to risk it here on the blog, though. Here are a few of the "M" words that actually occured to me as things my child could carry to school in a plastic bucket...

Couldn't help it, it just popped out there. Then I got this image of my adorable 3-year old princess packing a blade that's almost as tall as she is, probably with a wicked grin...

Good idea, except it would be a choking hazard for the Mancub.

No, no, no...he won't fit in the bucket. And if he did, she couldn't carry him. Plus, he'd cut himself on the machete and swallow the marble...

Mold / Mildew
I'm not making this stuff up. I was reading our flood insurance last night, and these jumped out at me. Isn't it bad enough that we're sending her to school toting copious amounts of seaweed?

It figures that this would follow the previous two. Lord, make it stop...

I'd just dismissed the fungi when this one conjured itself up from nowhere. I need more sleep. I really do.

MAKE IT STOP. Seriously, people.

Machiavelli's The Prince
Believe it or not, this one got halfway serious consideration. She knows all about Princes and Princesses, of course, but she's never read this book -- not enough cool pictures, ya know. Heaven help the parents of any preschool child who has 'read' it.

Then again, I thought, what game could be more Machiavellian than parenting? Who better understands the love / fear equation than a child?

Mother Mary, muster up some mercy for me...

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