27 January 2009

The Woods Private School

Trinhity has been attending The Woods Private School since late August. She attends Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9AM-1PM. We searched high and low for a preschool and were thrilled when we discovered this gem. This was Trinhity's first time away from family. Ever. We knew that she would be dealing with separation anxiety but we also knew that given her intellect & focus, she would love school.
The first month and a half was really tough. In the mornings, Daddy would hand over a terrified, SCREAMING child, while Mama would pick up a tear-streaked, terrified child in the afternoons. The entire staff worked with us to make Trinhity's adjustment easier. We took her to the school for a few visits during the summer just to get her used to the place. We were advised to read The Kissing Hand book before school started which is about a little raccoon who was afraid to leave his mommy when school started. We were asked to drop her off about 30minutes late so that the staff would be free from the morning bustle to focus on Trinhity. We handed her over each time to a dedicated staff member (bless you Mrs. Taylor!!) who tried to soothe her by holding her, singing to her, walking her, and caring for her. The teacher moved the class lunch time up so that Trinhity could have lunch with her classmates. We were asked to pick her up after lunch time. The idea is that we pick her up when she is happy and not screaming. We were amazed and impressed by the great care our child received at this school. We were so happy the day that she woke up excited that it was a school day!

Why do we like the school? It is an academic-based preschool and not a daycare. She is learning her letters, numbers, as well as important social skills. The school has a dedicated and creative staff and there is such amazing energy about the place. The staff members are all moms & grandmas and they treat our kids like one of their own. It's nice.

Their curriculum rocks. Example? On November 4th, there was an election. The elephant and the donkey campaigned for president of the zoo. The elephant won this year. How cute is that? Our little girl got to vote! There are 9 students in the class. Despite the fact that the school is tucked away in an upper-middle class subdivision behind HP, it is remarkably diverse. She is not the only Asian child, nor is she the only child of mixed ethnicity. Last month, there was a presentation on the meaning of Hanukkah by one of her classmate's parents. Again, how cool is that?

The school also celebrates all of the holidays in style. During Halloween, the 3's program had a pumpkin patch as well as a costume party in which the parents were invited. So of course, we all came!
Trinhity's class
Daddy came and read stories to the classes.
our little indian during Thanksgiving feast

of course, our indian eats seaweed...

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