02 February 2009

My name is....

It gives us great pleasure to present ... the first time Trinhity has written her name unassisted with the letters in the proper order -- and she nailed her little brother's nickname in the same go:

She's been "signing" her artwork with her name and addressing her so-called gift cards for months, often with the appropriate first initials: "T" for her, "t" for Taison (because he's the little 't'), "H" for Mama's name, "B" for Daddy's name, and so on. She can write almost all the letters, although a few are still a bit shaky -- like her S's and some confusion between M's and N's.

That's a respectable shot at her brother's full name, too -- the "S" is interesting, and it should be an "n", but at least she's consistent. She did this last Friday, the 30th, at the ripe old age of 3.65 years...give or take.

CAVEAT: yes, the Mama-san helped her a bit (verbally) to get the order correct.

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mina's mommy said...

our genius older sister!