31 March 2009


Yesterday or the day before I got a quiet moment with Trinh and asked, "Dear, did Mama tell you that Daddy has to go far away for work?"

"Yes," she replied. "Daddy, I'm going to miss you sooooo much!!  Will you miss me?"  

"Of course, dear," I said, and I meant it.  "Did Mommy tell you where I was going? To Belgium?"

Her eyes got big. "Ooohhh," she said, and the forlorn overtones suddenly vanished.  "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy -- will you bring me BELGIAN CHOCOAMUTTS?!? Mmmmmm....."

I suppose I will.

[Post-trip note:  I did buy chocamutts for both of my girls -- and it's a good thing I missed my flight back, or they'd have gotten junk from duty free.  I've been back a week now, and Trinhity has had exactly ONE chocolate.  But that just leaves more sanity medication for the big gurl.]

21 March 2009

The World's Sharpest Sharpest Sword

Trinhity & Taison & I had an epic sword fight this morning in the bedroom.

I lost. 

After outflanking one of my deft parries, Trinhity skewered me. I was tossed violently back onto the bed, nearly unconscious. She immediately thrust her sword into the air and screamed "I have the power!!!"

Of course, I have *no* idea where she got that.

Apparently disinterested in my plight, Tai proceeded to take a bite of his (foam) sword.

After that, Trinhity declared that she had named her sword. I thought she was going to say its name was "Excalibur" in that incredibly sweet way she has of mangling big words she can almost say. Instead, she said, "Daddy, my sword's name is 'St. George'."

It's unspeakably wonderful when the stories we read together come back with such clever twists. And it didn't stop there: she went on to explain that her sword had indeed been pulled from a stone, and that it was the sharpest, sharpest, sharpest, sharpest sword in the WHOLE world!

Then, abruptly, she changed her mind. "Daddy-oi, do you know where my sword came from?"

"No, con. Tell me."

"I bought it on eBay."

17 March 2009

I'm Only Three Years Old!!

There was drama tonight after dinner. Trinhity had gone into the bathroom to go pee, because she's a big girl now, and she was reaching for the paper when....she fell off.

The Mama-san came running when she heard the fuss. She found Trinh sprawled on the floor, crying, but not seriously hurt. Her stream of consciousness blubbering (mostly in Vietnamese) went something like this: "Mama, I fell down! I tried to get the paper, but I'm three years old, and I thought I was old enough, but I'm not! I thought I was big, but I fell down! I'm only three years old...."

Mama immediately asked what was hurting. Trinh replied, "My leg! And my head! I fell down and hit my leg on the stepstool, then fell back and hit my head on the wall, then I fell forward and hit my head on that other wall..." The first two impacts might well have happened -- but that other wall is all the way across the bathroom. We rather doubt the veracity of this story.

We're pleased that she's *finally* at least trying to wipe her own bum, and we're relieved that she's isn't really hurt. What really got us was the "I'm only three!!" part.

Sigh. Our little girl is getting so big.

06 March 2009

Me & Tai Tai

Rodeo Round-Up

It's rodeo time here in Houston. We've never really partaken in the rodeo madness here but now that Trinhity is older, we think we may go to the livestock show this year... maybe.

Her school celebrates everything in style. They had their "rodeo roundup" party last week. There were a ton of activities for the kiddos. The kiddos seemed to have a lot of fun, and the parentals all perhaps had an even better time watching the kiddos.

Here is Trinh during one of the relays. They had 3 year olds race on 'horses' holding flags that were bigger than they were! Hilarious! Trinh actually galloped with her horse while most of the other kids ran.
Here is Princess during the bean relay. They took ladels of beans and raced from one pot to the other. Again, it was hilarious to watch 3 year olds wrestle with big spoons, big pots, little beans, and the concept of a relay race.

One of the activities was the Chicken Dance. Trinh made Mama proud. She said, "Mama, I don't like the Chicken Dance!" Mama doesn't like the Chicken Dance either. So Mama & Trinh did a little jig and all was good.

Mama's Makeup Bag

This is Mama's makeup bag:
This is Trinh, playing with Mama's makeup:

Watercolors with Tai

Last week Mama was brave and let Tai Tai watercolor. Trinh helped to supervise. They had a great time and there wasn't TOO much of a mess made. Taison is so different from Trinhity. Trinhity is our neat child. She never liked to have her hands dirty. She doesn't like to be dirty in general. Taison, well, he eats dirt. Finger painting is just up his alley. But since Big Sis is using a brush, then he uses a brush too.

They really do play remarkably well together. We are pleased by this.
The results of the masterpiece:

Grandma Clark

This was taken back in December when Grandma & Grandpa Clark came to visit.

Random Ong Bà Pictures

We are still taking a ton of pictures but we just haven't been able to find the time to download them much less post them on the blogs. In addition, Trinh has been camera shy lately. She just doesn't want to have her picture taken. Oh well.

Here she is with Ong Bà at the butterfly museum. These were taken back in January. Yes, we know it is March.

Here she is with Ong and his birthday cake. This is also Daddy's birthday cake. Ong's & Daddy's birthdays are one day apart. Trinh is the official birthday cake girl. She chooses everyone's birthday cake. She also blows out everyone's birthday candles. It is good to be the princess.

Bald Spot

Trinh has a huge bald spot on the top of her head. Why? We'll give you one guess. Taison. For the past few months, he's been grabbing fist fulls of Trinh's hair. This was exacerbated by the double jogging stroller that Mama got over Christmas in attempts to get some exercise (see previous post). Taison would reach over and grab a handful of his sister's hair and just yank. Poor dear. She didn't complain much; she really loves the little dude.

Mama's going on a diet!

Trinhity has been watching Madagascar lately. The results of this is that we have been getting many pictures of lions, zebras, giraffes, and hippos. This is all good. We will post some of these pictures if we find the time.

The downside to this is that on more than one occasion, Trinhity has pointed to the Mama's belly and said, "Mama, your belly looks like Gloria's." For those of you not familiar with the movie, Gloria is the hippo. The big, fat hippo. NOT good. Definitely not good.

conversations with Sinbad

She's talking on the phone... having a long conversation with Sinbad. I am not kidding. She is asking him whether or not he has found the Book of Peace and whether or not he's met Eris, the Goddess of Chaos. This is all from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

We blinked and got a glimpse of our daughter at age 13 talking on the phone with her friends or [gasp] a boy. Hopefully, his name won't be Sinbad. In 10 years, she will probably be texting or twittering on her Generation Y iPhone. Hmm... so perhaps it is likely she will be talking to someone named S1Nbad.

That's ok, Fishnogeek & MotherSuperior plan to stay right on top of the technology.

penguins kissing (iron filaments on plastic)

Trinhity is still obsessed with penguins. She draws them all of the time. Here is one of her creations on the little Doodle Pro. It's the characters, Gloria & Mumble, from Happy Feet. They are kissing and falling in love, of course.