17 March 2009

I'm Only Three Years Old!!

There was drama tonight after dinner. Trinhity had gone into the bathroom to go pee, because she's a big girl now, and she was reaching for the paper when....she fell off.

The Mama-san came running when she heard the fuss. She found Trinh sprawled on the floor, crying, but not seriously hurt. Her stream of consciousness blubbering (mostly in Vietnamese) went something like this: "Mama, I fell down! I tried to get the paper, but I'm three years old, and I thought I was old enough, but I'm not! I thought I was big, but I fell down! I'm only three years old...."

Mama immediately asked what was hurting. Trinh replied, "My leg! And my head! I fell down and hit my leg on the stepstool, then fell back and hit my head on the wall, then I fell forward and hit my head on that other wall..." The first two impacts might well have happened -- but that other wall is all the way across the bathroom. We rather doubt the veracity of this story.

We're pleased that she's *finally* at least trying to wipe her own bum, and we're relieved that she's isn't really hurt. What really got us was the "I'm only three!!" part.

Sigh. Our little girl is getting so big.


mina's mommy said...

This one I LOVE! Ah, Trinh...if you only knew how wonderful being only three is.

And teach Mina a few things about potties next time we play!

Janine Evans said...

I love this post. Love it.