21 March 2009

The World's Sharpest Sharpest Sword

Trinhity & Taison & I had an epic sword fight this morning in the bedroom.

I lost. 

After outflanking one of my deft parries, Trinhity skewered me. I was tossed violently back onto the bed, nearly unconscious. She immediately thrust her sword into the air and screamed "I have the power!!!"

Of course, I have *no* idea where she got that.

Apparently disinterested in my plight, Tai proceeded to take a bite of his (foam) sword.

After that, Trinhity declared that she had named her sword. I thought she was going to say its name was "Excalibur" in that incredibly sweet way she has of mangling big words she can almost say. Instead, she said, "Daddy, my sword's name is 'St. George'."

It's unspeakably wonderful when the stories we read together come back with such clever twists. And it didn't stop there: she went on to explain that her sword had indeed been pulled from a stone, and that it was the sharpest, sharpest, sharpest, sharpest sword in the WHOLE world!

Then, abruptly, she changed her mind. "Daddy-oi, do you know where my sword came from?"

"No, con. Tell me."

"I bought it on eBay."


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Janine Evans said...

this slayed me. get it? hahaha.
Okay seriously, I want your booklist.
Excalibur!? St. George?