19 April 2009


Trinh & I went on our first geocaching adventure today. Actually, I tried to take her back before she was two, but I don't think she quite grasped the notion. Now we have treasure hunts regularly, and she's pretty into maps.

When I suggested today that we go hunting for treasure, she sat down and whipped out a quick map. It featured 'jungle, river, Trinh Trinh's house' in proper Dora style. She rolled up the map and tucked it into a purse, demanding that we bring it on the bike ride so we didn't get lost.

We got close and I gave her the GPS so she could navigate. When we arrived at the supposed location of the cache, I parked the bike and we began the search. We didn't know quite what we were looking for, and at first we found nothing that looked like treasure.

We did find fire ants, trash, a considerable amount of mud, a sparrow's nest and a large quantity of bird-devoured crawfish shrapenel. No treasure, although we had a great time.

We went to where I'd left the bike, leaning against a lamp post at the dead center of the coordinates. We gave it one last look around, then we both noticed that the plastic cover of the lamp's base wasn't tacked down. We lifted it and....shared a priceless look of shared discovery that I'll never forget.

But the blogworthy stuff happened before and after. First, just before we left, I was casting about the house in search of some trinket we could put into the cache, if it were that sorta cache. I suggested recycling some of her loot from the thousand-odd Easter Eggs she scored last weekend.

"No, Daddy!" she fussed. "Those toys are for me and Tai Tai. If you want to give something away, give away one of YOUR toys."


Later, after we'd found the cache and were riding to check out another one (only to be stumped by both a jungle and a river), I suggested that we should start hiding our own caches.

She agreed, but with one stipulation: "Daddy, you have to hide your OWN stuff...OK? Promise?"

11 April 2009

Sweet Baby Chims

Alert readers might recall a post from almost exactly two years ago where I mentioned having sung the James Taylor classic "Sweet Baby James" to Trinhity as a lullaby.

She apparently listened fairly well.