12 May 2009

Backseat Driver

loved this photo so much, it had to get posted on both blogs :-)

Fairy Princess... & Fairy Prince??

Trinhity recently acquired some fairy wings, thanks to Mama. She loves playing with them... and so does Taison!!

11 May 2009


On Thursday, we had "Muffins with Mommy" day at school.
Trinhity planted this flower especially for Mama.

She also gave Mama a card. On the card, her teacher had written down many things about Mama... stated in Trinhity's words. The best one was Mommy's favorite food is: a bowl of cereal and most of all me and my baby brother's left over food.

Rosie Posie's Tea Room

Trinhity went to Rosie Posie's Tea Room for a friend's birthday party last month. Rosie Posie's is located in Old Town Spring, a quaint little historical area in North Houston.
The little girls played dress up...
and then had tea & lunch.
Check out her little pinky!
She had a fun time with her little friends! These little girls mostly squealed, held hands, danced and hugged each other, and then squealed and laughed some more.

Trinhity showing off the heart she made from a beaded necklace.

A favorite from the afternoon... taken on the porch of the tea room.

Easter 2009

Trinhity, Daddy, & Taison waiting before service with all the children for the flowering of the cross.

Taison only managed to destroy 2 flowers.
Trinhity takes all her duties very seriously.

The egg hunt was held indoors this year due to the rain. Taison was completely uninterested since he had already had the egg hunt at the neighborhood festival the day before. Trinhity walked into the classroom, took one look at all the eggs scattered on the floor, and stated, "These people aren't very good at hiding eggs, are they?"

Spring Festival 2009

The annual Willowbridge subdivision Spring Festival was in April this year and as usual included an Easter egg hunt. This was Taison's first time, but Trinhity is now a pro at the egg hunt. She is all about quality, not quantity. She carefully selects an egg, shakes it, and then decides whether or not it is worth keeping or tossing. We are not quite sure what the criteria is for her egg selection, but she seems to have very strong opinions on what eggs are good.

She partook in the pony ride again this year. She was a bit more brave this time, but still not brave enough to go alone. She also spent a large amount of time in the petting zoo. While her baby brother was tormenting the animals by hitting, kicking, or grabbing the poor mammals, Trinhity was on poop patrol. Yup. Poop Patrol. She made sure everyone was aware of where the poop was and kept an eye out for current offenders.
A new thing that she tried this year was a dilapidated swing-style carnival ride. It was literally held together in some places with duck tape. Good. She watched several times before making the statement that she wanted to have a ride. On the second revolution, she was screaming "Faster, Faster!!" Good.

The most daring thing her brother tried was the hotdogs. He ate two. She wasn't brave enough to ingest them. Good.

Ironic... before we had kids, we didn't really attend these festivals. Now, we are the first to arrive, and the last to leave.

A Princess & Her Castle

Rice Crispy Treats!

Rice Crispy Treats are one of my favorites!! I help Mama make them by measuring out the ingredients and sometimes stirring them in the pot. But my favorite part is eating off the spoon!! Yummmmm. Mama makes sure she has LOTS of spoons for me & Tai Tai to eat off of.

Daddy gave me a pedicure!!

Mama was away. My toes were severely neglected. Daddy to the rescue!! Not bad, huh??