28 June 2009



Mama cut my hair today.

She's always cut my hair. I like it that way!

rice crispies

We helped Mama make rice crispy treats again. This time, we decided that we wanted the raw ingredients instead of the actual treats.
Mama was only a little bit mad about the rice crispies being all over the floor...

it's my birthday cake...

Trinhity got to have two birthday cakes this year. We had a little family celebration with Ong Ba.

(This is becoming her signature goofy smile!)
But really, it was another excuse for her to eat frosting...
And when you're the birthday girl, you get to eat the birthday cake...
.... any way you want to!!


Did we mention that we had over a dozen cupcakes leftover from Trinhity's princess party?
Trinhity doesn't really like to eat the cake part... just the frosting. Trinh got to eat cupcake frosting for an entire WEEK!!
That is, until Mama noticed that what goes in must come out.
Poop should not be electric lime green. Ever.

Little Mina

This is Mina.
Since Mama says she is not having any more babies, Mina is just going to have to be my little sister! We like a lot of the same things.... and I can even read to her!
Unfortunately, Mina & her family live in New Jersey. But we love it when Mina comes to visit us. Whenever I outgrow a toy, clothes, or shoes, I tell Mama to save it for Mina!!
Thank you Auntie Annie & Mina for coming to visit us! And thank you for the sweet & thoughtful gifts!!! We love you bunches!


The Woods, Trinh's preschool, had their annual Splash Day on one of the last days of school. This is a day when the kids come in their swimsuits and spend the entire day having water fun. There were games, relays, and all sorts of fun for the kiddos. Have we mentioned how much we love this school??

Here is Trinh, very serious & focused, during a water relay race. How cruel is this? They put holes in the buckets!!

Who knew that a fish net, a bucket full of plastic toys, and some water could be so much fun for the kids???

One of the most popular activities was the car wash...
...as well as the shaving cream table.
The kids all got hosed off after the shaving cream... though Trinhity & her friends were one of the last ones to get cleaned up. Apparently, the water from the hose was COLD!

A "Rosie" day in Suburbia

This is Rosie. She's Mrs. Lydia's doggy. Mrs. Lydia is our neighbor. Trinhity LOVES Rosie and as soon as she is old enough, Mrs. Lydia is going to hire her to take Rosie for walks. Well, that is, if Trinhity learns not to squeal when Rosie comes towards her.

A very Trinh expression...

the zoo

We took BàBà to the zoo for Mother's Day. Mama got a new lens (a Sigma 50mm 1.4 for her Canon DSLR -- we have no idea what the numbers or letters mean... really) and unfortunately hasn't quite learned how to use it yet. So the pix of Trinh and BàBà turned out blurry. Sorry, BàBà!!

But here is the princess....

Trinh checking out the map to decide where we go next while Tai munches on popcorn.
Of course, we end up at the petting zoo!
One of her fabulous curtsies...

The Princess Party

Arming a four year old little princess with a magic wand can result in some serious pinkness....

The regal princess dress up tea party was a total hit! Mama has to admit, she had a ton of fun throwing this all together. The pink flower puffs are still up.
The little princesses SQUEALED, pranced, twirled, and giggled. They had fine pink lemonade tea as well as apple juice tea. Despite the wheat allergy, our Princess begged to have pizza served at her party.... and so, we did... We made the mistake of ordering way too much food and *still* have pizza leftover in the freezer a month later!
Here are the little princesses eating their cupcakes. We had over a dozen cupcakes leftover too.
The Daddy prince/frog read princess stories to the girls. Apparently, Trinh thinks Daddy is hilarious.
And where would a Princess sit to open her princess presents? On the Daddy Throne, of course...

Daddy Date Day: Splashtown

Trinh & I snuck out to Splashtown yesterday, the local waterslide park.

We went with Olivia, Trinhity's bestest bestest friend, and Robert, her Daddy. We have fairly similar Daddying Styles, so to speak. Good times.

08 June 2009

Princess Dress Up Tea Party Teaser

Trinhity turned 4 on June 5th. In honor of Princess Trinhity's 4th Birthday, the King & Queen threw an exquisite royal princess dress up tea party for their precious daughter. More photos to follow...
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Human Bones

Last night as I was getting Tai out of the bath and getting him ready for bed (both kiddos have eczema, thus our after bath routine of lotions, potions, & creams can be extensive), Trinhity was busy playing with her dinosaur figures, happily chirping away in her make-believe world. I was not paying particular attention to what she was saying until I hear the words: HUMAN BONES.


...it all went a little something like this...

Dinosaur 1: "Mmmm. Yum Yum"
Dinosaur 2: "What are you eating?"
Dinosaur 1: "Bones."
Dinosaur 2: "What kind of bones?"
Dinosaur 1: "HUMAN BONES"
Dinosaur 2: "What are humans?"
Dinosaur 1: "Humans live over there. We're bad dinosaurs. We eat humans. That's why there are human bones everywhere."
Dinosaur 2: "Oh."
Dinosaur 1 & Dinosaur 2: "mum mum yum yum... mmmm good bones...."