08 June 2009

Human Bones

Last night as I was getting Tai out of the bath and getting him ready for bed (both kiddos have eczema, thus our after bath routine of lotions, potions, & creams can be extensive), Trinhity was busy playing with her dinosaur figures, happily chirping away in her make-believe world. I was not paying particular attention to what she was saying until I hear the words: HUMAN BONES.


...it all went a little something like this...

Dinosaur 1: "Mmmm. Yum Yum"
Dinosaur 2: "What are you eating?"
Dinosaur 1: "Bones."
Dinosaur 2: "What kind of bones?"
Dinosaur 1: "HUMAN BONES"
Dinosaur 2: "What are humans?"
Dinosaur 1: "Humans live over there. We're bad dinosaurs. We eat humans. That's why there are human bones everywhere."
Dinosaur 2: "Oh."
Dinosaur 1 & Dinosaur 2: "mum mum yum yum... mmmm good bones...."

1 comment:

persephone said...

hahahahaha!!! i'm extremely amused and slightly disturbed.