28 June 2009

The Princess Party

Arming a four year old little princess with a magic wand can result in some serious pinkness....

The regal princess dress up tea party was a total hit! Mama has to admit, she had a ton of fun throwing this all together. The pink flower puffs are still up.
The little princesses SQUEALED, pranced, twirled, and giggled. They had fine pink lemonade tea as well as apple juice tea. Despite the wheat allergy, our Princess begged to have pizza served at her party.... and so, we did... We made the mistake of ordering way too much food and *still* have pizza leftover in the freezer a month later!
Here are the little princesses eating their cupcakes. We had over a dozen cupcakes leftover too.
The Daddy prince/frog read princess stories to the girls. Apparently, Trinh thinks Daddy is hilarious.
And where would a Princess sit to open her princess presents? On the Daddy Throne, of course...

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