28 June 2009


The Woods, Trinh's preschool, had their annual Splash Day on one of the last days of school. This is a day when the kids come in their swimsuits and spend the entire day having water fun. There were games, relays, and all sorts of fun for the kiddos. Have we mentioned how much we love this school??

Here is Trinh, very serious & focused, during a water relay race. How cruel is this? They put holes in the buckets!!

Who knew that a fish net, a bucket full of plastic toys, and some water could be so much fun for the kids???

One of the most popular activities was the car wash...
...as well as the shaving cream table.
The kids all got hosed off after the shaving cream... though Trinhity & her friends were one of the last ones to get cleaned up. Apparently, the water from the hose was COLD!

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