30 July 2009


This is Charlotte, as in the character from Charlotte's Web. She's a spider. Trinhity carries it around with her all day. Funny.

Statue of Liberty

FINALLY!! We are pleased to showcase Trinhity's famous Statue of Liberty. She & Daddy have been performing this for the past 3 summers but we've just never been able to get it on film.

In this year's version, our fearless mermaid grabs her foot with one hand while holding her other hand up high and screaming "Statue of Liberty". The crowd usually goes wild and we will almost always get requests for an encore. Really.

The Dip

Midday Nap

They aren't really napping. Mama only wishes they would nap together like this. They are only pretending to nap. Taison usually takes his nap at 11:30, and his sister, if she naps, takes hers around 2-3PM though she will sleep for about 2hrs.

Tai Tai, My Cuddly

When our friends Patrick & Nina spent the weekend with us, they each had cuddlies. Trinhity was very confused by this fact. Patrick is 4 and Nina is 2. Trinhity asked us, "Why does Patrick need a cuddly? He has Nina."


Trinhity loves her fairy wings. They are very popular with most of her friends as well.. both boys & girls. Always fun to be in the land of make-believe!
This is Patrick & Nina. Check out Tai Tai's blog for more about our little Swiss friends.

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum with our friends Nina & Patrick. The Houston Children's Museum recently underwent a huge renovation. This was our first visit and we have to admit, we love the new exhibits! Trinhity spent hours in their new science lab & inventor's corner. Her favorite activity was creating objects to test in the wind tunnels.

Here is Trinh with her very first invention.. with only a little bit of help from Mama. We are happy to report that it flew swiftly and gracefully. Amazingly during the 15 minutes or so that we were repeatedly testing her little shuttle, it was the only one to fly!!
Tai Tai wasn't very interested in the wind tunnels. He preferred to build LEGO cars and test them on the various ramps.

29 July 2009

A Cosmic Hue

Like nearly every other family we know, we have roughly 11,000 refrigerator magnets. For some cosmically Murphian reason, they seem to spend considerably more time underfoot than on the fridge (particularly when I'm getting a midnight snack in the dark), but Trinhity regularly puts up 'words' and asks us what they mean.

Most of the time they're words like "IRPKWJ". When she asks what one means, I usually respond that it rhymes with 'camel' and refers to a tiny village in Tajikistan nestled among the Pamir Mountains besdie a shimmering lake, at the bottom of which lies a mystical azure jewel, and a beautiful maiden dressed in white walks the shores awaiting the prince who shall dive to the depths and...well, you get the idea.

Today she put up a real word: hue. When the Mama-san explained how to pronounce the word and what it meant, Trinhity asked with complete innocence: "What language is that?"

14 July 2009

Princess Wisdom

Trinh has been spending the last few days in her princess gowns & tiara. Yesterday she decided to share her Princess wisdom with us.

"A Princess never breaks a promise."

"A Princess sometimes trips on her glass slippers."

"A Princess sometimes loses her glass slippers."