29 July 2009

A Cosmic Hue

Like nearly every other family we know, we have roughly 11,000 refrigerator magnets. For some cosmically Murphian reason, they seem to spend considerably more time underfoot than on the fridge (particularly when I'm getting a midnight snack in the dark), but Trinhity regularly puts up 'words' and asks us what they mean.

Most of the time they're words like "IRPKWJ". When she asks what one means, I usually respond that it rhymes with 'camel' and refers to a tiny village in Tajikistan nestled among the Pamir Mountains besdie a shimmering lake, at the bottom of which lies a mystical azure jewel, and a beautiful maiden dressed in white walks the shores awaiting the prince who shall dive to the depths and...well, you get the idea.

Today she put up a real word: hue. When the Mama-san explained how to pronounce the word and what it meant, Trinhity asked with complete innocence: "What language is that?"

1 comment:

persephone said...

Totally legit question! Is Hue the old capital of Viet Nam, or is it a property of light/color?