30 August 2009

The Bloody Barnacle

Trinh Trinh & I spent last weekend in Colorado to celebrate my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary -- pictures to follow shortly. We slept in our special Trinh + Daddy tent all four nights, which was fabulous.

However, the last night was warmer, and I threw off the covers. I also apparently let my hands rest against the mesh walls while I slept. The mosquitoes had a FEAST.

I won't go into the gory details, but I was putting Trinh to sleep a couple nights ago and held her hands as I snuggled in with her. Her little fingers found my welts, and she whispered, "Daddy, I think you have BARNACLES on your hands! Bloody bloody barnacles!"


1 comment:

Janine Evans said...

ew is right. Yeee-uck, dude.