07 August 2009


Perhaps you read the post, but you haven't seen the picture yet. Trinh drew this 'gift card' for me just this morning and sent if off with me to work so that I could remember her whenever I looked at it. I did.

I had to mess with the scanned image to blank out a fairly scary-looking skull thing that bled through from a graphic on the other side. In case you're having trouble, that's Daddy (on the left) and Mommy (on the right) and Trinh Trinh in the middle, and we're all wearing 'spotlights' (headlamps) and we're on the beach between the water (blue scribbles on the right) and the beach house (castle on the left) hunting for crabs under the stars.

Funny, and here I figured that the only rememberance I'd have of that night was the blog posting...

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