30 August 2009

Sunflower, the Robot

I broke down last week and Wooted for a refurb Roomba. As it charged, I wasn't sure who was more excited -- me or the kids. My wife just sorta rolled her eyes.

I was concerned that it might freak out the Mancub, so I had a chat with Trinh before I fired it up to enlist her help in allaying her little brother's fears. After all, it's fine and good for our politicians to tell us everything is rosy, but that's their job -- can't trust anybody with an agenda. Parents are sorta like that too, aren't they? It carries much more weight when the news comes from somebody more your size, so to speak.
I asked her, "Trinh, are you afraid of the new robot?"
She said, "Daddy, is it the kind of robot that's going to destroy the entire universe?"
[brief silence]
Daddy: "Er, no."
Trinhity: "OK then, sure. It's cool."
So cool, in fact, she christened it. Our Roomba will henceforth be known as "Sunflower". And there shall be much rejoicing.

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