29 September 2009


...and yet another thing that Daddy's do best: teach the children about the evils of rock n roll

23 September 2009

Old Brown's Daughter

One of the tunes I often sing to put Trinhity to sleep is an old Newfoundland song called "Old Brown's Daughter" that I discovered courtesy of Great Big Sea. Tonight she sang it with me, which was terribly sweet. It also revealed an alternate take on some key lyrics....
Original lyric: "I wish I was a Lord Mayor, Marquis, or an Earl..."
Trinh's lyric: "I wish I was a Lord Mayor, a Monkey or an Earl..."

Original lyric: "And when I make a purchase and she hands me the change, that girl she makes me pulverised, I feel so very strange..."
Trinh's lyric: "And when I make a purchase and she hands me the change, that girl she makes me pulverised, I smell so very strange..."
Love it. I just love it.

20 September 2009

The Wood Rat's Demon Song

Trinh was just playing on the floor, then looked up and asked if she could snuggle with me for a minute. Who can resist that? We plopped down into the chair and I said, "So, should I tell you a story?"
"Yes, Daddy. Tell me a story."
"What story? Should I tell you about the volleyball game I played this morning?"
"Errr, Daddy, how about I tell you a story? Here, this is how it starts: Once upon a time there was a wood rat. The wood rat scared all the humans with his scary ghost costume, and he scared the mermaids with his claws and by swishing his tail at them. Then he scared the ducks away with his demon song, and then and then and then and then he jumped on the wall on the top of the dinner table and flipped a pan with peanut butter into someone's face and then he cut the squirrels in half with his axe and then he threw a cannonball at the whole earth!! That's the end."

Two minutes later I was given a 3" x 4" sticker for "being a good Daddy". She insisted on sticking it in my armpit. Ah, the joys.

03 September 2009

A Sad Day for Daddy

It happened for the first time last night, and I wasn't expecting it. See, I've spent most of my adolescent and adult life as a 63-year old man. Sure, I looked younger at times and even did stupid and immature stuff -- recently, in fact. But it wasn't until I had kids in my mid-30s that I discovered my inner 5-year old and learned to truly PLAY.

This is largely the doing of my wife, and I am grateful. The kids just provide the most regular and publicly acceptable excuse.

Well, last night was a 'Trinh & Daddy Spa Night'. That's where the Mama-san and the Mancub spend the night at BaBa's house because she's the only one who can get the little dude to sleep through the night. It galls me that I can't, but it does mean some sweet quality time with the Princess -- and some much-needed Zzzz's for Mama.

Sometimes we put cucumbers on our eyes -- and yes, we have pictures. On other T&D Spa Nights, I paint her toenails. It's all good.

Anyway, we had some music playing last night: "Sun on the Moon" by James Taylor -- it has ducks and horns, you see. At the Traditional Toothbrushing Time I hopped up from the bed and did a groovy little white man's shimmy 'n' slide across the carpet -- then ground to an ungraceful halt when I saw her contorted face. "Oh no!" I exclaimed, "What's wrong?"
"Daddy," she cringed, "you're embarrassing me."

[stunned silence as Daddy's newfound and much-loved persona shatters and crumbles to dust]

This is quite possibly my worst nightmare. The end is nigh.

Colorado #1: Boulder Creek

Trinhity & I flew up to Colorado two weekends ago to celebrate Grandma & Grandpa Clark's 40th Wedding Anniversary. I'll get to those shots in a bit, but let's start with a few from Boulder Creek...
It took me a stunningly long time to figure out an easy way to post photos to Blogger from the illustrious Mac OS. They've thought of everything else, why not a simple native export plug-in? Oof-dah. Anyway, that's all you're getting tonight, but stay tuned.