03 September 2009

A Sad Day for Daddy

It happened for the first time last night, and I wasn't expecting it. See, I've spent most of my adolescent and adult life as a 63-year old man. Sure, I looked younger at times and even did stupid and immature stuff -- recently, in fact. But it wasn't until I had kids in my mid-30s that I discovered my inner 5-year old and learned to truly PLAY.

This is largely the doing of my wife, and I am grateful. The kids just provide the most regular and publicly acceptable excuse.

Well, last night was a 'Trinh & Daddy Spa Night'. That's where the Mama-san and the Mancub spend the night at BaBa's house because she's the only one who can get the little dude to sleep through the night. It galls me that I can't, but it does mean some sweet quality time with the Princess -- and some much-needed Zzzz's for Mama.

Sometimes we put cucumbers on our eyes -- and yes, we have pictures. On other T&D Spa Nights, I paint her toenails. It's all good.

Anyway, we had some music playing last night: "Sun on the Moon" by James Taylor -- it has ducks and horns, you see. At the Traditional Toothbrushing Time I hopped up from the bed and did a groovy little white man's shimmy 'n' slide across the carpet -- then ground to an ungraceful halt when I saw her contorted face. "Oh no!" I exclaimed, "What's wrong?"
"Daddy," she cringed, "you're embarrassing me."

[stunned silence as Daddy's newfound and much-loved persona shatters and crumbles to dust]

This is quite possibly my worst nightmare. The end is nigh.

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Janine Evans said...

ugh, that's brutal. But don't stop the T&D spa nights! Keep all of it up. You are amazing.
your biggest fan in CA