20 September 2009

The Wood Rat's Demon Song

Trinh was just playing on the floor, then looked up and asked if she could snuggle with me for a minute. Who can resist that? We plopped down into the chair and I said, "So, should I tell you a story?"
"Yes, Daddy. Tell me a story."
"What story? Should I tell you about the volleyball game I played this morning?"
"Errr, Daddy, how about I tell you a story? Here, this is how it starts: Once upon a time there was a wood rat. The wood rat scared all the humans with his scary ghost costume, and he scared the mermaids with his claws and by swishing his tail at them. Then he scared the ducks away with his demon song, and then and then and then and then he jumped on the wall on the top of the dinner table and flipped a pan with peanut butter into someone's face and then he cut the squirrels in half with his axe and then he threw a cannonball at the whole earth!! That's the end."

Two minutes later I was given a 3" x 4" sticker for "being a good Daddy". She insisted on sticking it in my armpit. Ah, the joys.

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Janine Evans said...

if I had a nickel for every time your posts made me laugh out loud...
thank you for keeping me young.
love you guys!